What It's Like To Be A Cop's Daughter In 2015

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What It's Like To Be A Cop's Daughter In 2015

First of all, let me start by warning you I am not a writer. I do not nor have I ever written something like this and I am not very good at it, I'm no grammar major either so bear with me here.

I'm not sure what your relationships look like individually with your parents. But I am personally very close with mine, my mom is my best friend in the whole world, the person I look up to, connect with, and do life with (and try to do life like.) if you know her, you know she's the best. And my dad is quirky and weird and I love him. He's funny, hard working, and dedicated to everything he involves himself with, from the work he does, to the jiujitsu he does, to spending time with family, he makes everything a priority and does an amazing job at balancing them. And if you are my friend and know him, you know he's a little intimidating at first but the nicest guy.

My dad's job probably doesn't entail the same things that most teenager's dads do for a living. Because my dads a cop. And in 2015 -- you don't want to be associated with cops. It took me months and months to even work up the courage to post something like this. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not ashamed of my dad or what he does. Because I know for a fact that he is just and he is kind and he takes care of people. But every day I see something new on Facebook or the news about police brutality or things the police officers did wrong, my own Facebook friends post things like "Fu@k the police" with a 30 second video of a skewed view of what actually may have happened. I see posts like "death to the police" and I see people talking about how all cops "deserve to die."

But not my dad. He does not deserve to die. And to hear people talking about him like that is hard. Imagine waking up in the morning not knowing if you are going to have a dad at night, and that the friends you know and love are supporting this movement of hating the police.

Imagine what it is like seeing shootings on the news and hoping to God that something like that doesn't happen when your dad is working, or hearing people talk about killing the police and the person they kill just so happens to be your dad. Imagine hoping that your dad is going to live long enough to walk you down the aisle at your wedding because he was killed on duty.

Some of you probably think this all just is in my head but it hits close to home when my dads brother, my uncle, was killed on the job. He was a police officer who stopped a man from breaking into his ex's home (probably to kill her or harm her) but instead, the man killed my uncle. Not because he did anything wrong, but because he was a cop and this man obviously hated cops for stopping him. But because of my uncle and his partner that day, that woman is safe, and the man that would have hurt her is in jail. He didn't deserve to die that day but he did, and police officers continue to die when most of them are trying to keep the peace.

Being a cops daughter in 2015 means being scared to disagree with what's popular on Facebook because you fear it means your dads life. You fear letting people know what your dad does for a living in hopes of keeping him just a little bit safer. You don't talk about it because you don't want to hear people talk bad about the person who raised you to be someone who respects and loves the people they meet the way God loves us.

It means staying away from the news, it means nightmares, it means over thinking, it means not boiling up with anger and fear every time you see someone say something so hateful you want your dad to never leave the house again so you can selfishly keep him safe and away from people who would want to hurt him.

So while you are cheering for the death of the police, talking about how they are scum, or how much you hate them, please think of the good ones, think of my dad, please think of police officer's children, think of the police officers with babies and families at home who they love, and how people that are just doing their job deserve to come home at night ( or mornings for the midnight crews).

I want to end on saying In no way is any form of abuse of power right, and I know my dad would never abuse the fact that he is a cop to intentionally harm or discriminate against anyone. And some police officers do in fact abuse their power and do terrible things. But even they are only human, the man that killed my uncle is only human, and the people that put other people in danger are only human.
Thanks be to God that he is in control, and no matter what happens to my dad I know that it is for a bigger purpose and the same goes for all other police officers. I will continue to pray for police officers and their families. That other kids get to see their dad come home safe. And I will continue to pray for those that say hurtful things about police officers. I will pray for corrupt police officers who do not do their job the way they should. And I will continue to pray for the people that encounter police that they stay safe.


  • Jensen

    This is beautiful. What faith, what courage, and what a heart you have. We need more people like you, your father, and your uncle in this world. Tell him that even though he doesn’t know me, and even though he likely never will, he seems to have done an incredible job raising you and I’m grateful for his selfless service.

  • Lucinda

    Sweetie, you are so wrong. You ARE a writer. I’m a mom of a cop. Simpatico sweetie.

  • Michelle

    Dear “Cop’s Daughter”…I’m a police officer wife for many years. If your FB friends are posting those things on your FB, knowing your father is a cop, you need to delete them….they are not your true friends…you do not need to see that and be reminded of it, you already worry enough…also, remind yourself of this, your father would be the first one to be coming to their rescue if they were hurt or the victims of a crime. It is hard to do love, but don’t think about the possibility of him not coming home, because it will only make you worry more. It sounds for 15yoa you have a good head on your shoulders, a lot of forgiveness in your heart and also very smart. Yes, there are some bad apples of cops out there but doesn’t mean they all are. My husband, I must say, 25 years on the job, and did it well, with honor and integrity. Took the oath, the same reason your father did, to preserve the city he works for. Do not let the comments of ignorant people blind your opinion of what you already know. I thank your uncle for giving the ultimate sacrifice for protecting his community. You young lady, are a beautiful soul and writer. You’re caliber of writing is nothing but amazing.

  • Kaye

    Thank you for sharing this. I have a son that is an officer. I pray for him and his fellow officers everyday. You did a wonderful job sharing your heart. Praying for the safety of your dad and his department.

  • Britney

    Thank you I could not have said this any better myself! I am also a daughter of a police officer and even though I am in my 20s and don’t live at with him anymore I worry all the time on if I am going to hear something about my dad the next day. I am so incredibly proud of my dad and everything that he does. Thank you for putting into words what I think every police family wants to be said!

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