Who Will Really Care About Black Lives in 2016?

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Who Will Really Care About Black Lives in 2016?

So "LT's" post about the “Black Lives Matter” bunch (on our Facebook page) got me to thinking about the state of affairs in our society today. No longer content to merely target police officers with a broad brush, the BLM “movement” has morphed into something larger. It's gotten to the point now where celebrity figures like Stephen Colbert are inviting the “leaders” of BLM onto the mainstream platform of their shows to apologize for the mythical, ill-defined collective sin of “white privelege”. A movement has been gaining steam as of late in which black celebrities are boycotting the Oscars because they are “so white”. As an aside, they're late to the party, I've been boycotting the Oscars for the entirety of the nearly 40 years I've existed.

The “BLM” movement and the soundbite, Facebook-post culture that sustains it exist primarily for one purpose: To weaken our nation's law enforcement officers and make them hesitant to be the effective immune system of our society. As countless others have pointed out, the net effect of official adoption of the “BLM” mentality by the political “leadership” of Baltimore has led to a historic wave of bloodletting. And who, dare we ask, suffers the most? The very people that “BLM” insists are being targeted for wholesale slaughter by police. And not just Baltimore. In Chicago, a staggering 71% of murders are committed against black victims by black suspects (source: Chicago PD). This is not due, despite what BLM would have you believe, to instances of white police officers wantonly gunning down cherubic black youths walking home from church services, mind you. But on this issue, “BLM” and their ilk are completely silent.

Things have gotten to the point that police departments are going out of their way to prove to the denizens of social media that they aren't organizations based on racist, violent oppression of minority members of the community. My Facebook feed is continually chock full of stories of police officers interacting in a positive way with their respective communities. I guess that's a good thing, but I must admit most of the time I feel like this response is pandering. Police are supposed to be the immune system of society, their to keep the rogue elements that would victimize others at bay. We aren't primarily there to bring food to people, to shoot hoops with kids or to give homeless people shoes. Sure, those things always have been a part of what we do, but they aren't the primary reason we exist.

The problem, as I see it, is thus: Society is too fractured, people too willing to believe what feeds their pre-existing prejudices. It's easy to glance at a headline and post a comment as you click “share”. It's easy to blame the woes of vast swaths of inner city war zones on “white privlege” or “racism”. Introspection and honesty, those things are hard. It's easy to dismiss honest dialogue with a knee-jerk reaction and claim that someone is “racist”. It's far easier to blame a police officer that acts in accordance with the law and training of “murder” than it is to ask questions about the behavior of the suspect who force an officer to fire. It's way too easy to scream way too loudly for “justice” when one believes that justice is defined as a predetermined outcome that is aligned with the wishes of people jumping on a hash tag train of manufactured outrage. Like some Frankenstein-esque creation, the birth of the “black lives matter” rallying cry was conceived from the unholy union between a bald-faced, damnable lie and an insatiable thirst by media (both mainstream and social) to give life to the most outlandish sterotypes about “racist cops”. Truth was only the first in a long list of victims that continues to grow.

Lost in all this is the fact that most often the only ones that do believe that “black lives matter” are the police and the family members of black murder victims. Make no mistake, either, that is a fact. When it's all said and done, it's not Deray McKesson or Shaun King that pound their shoeleather into pudding day after day, week after week looking to solve the murder or an inner city black man with a criminal history. It's not Michael Moore, Quention Tarantino or any other of an innumerable wealthy elitists who look down their noses at cops who endure the disdainful refrain of “I ain't see nothin'” in response to the quest for just one sliver of information that might shed light on who killed a black man that the rest of society, white and black alike, care nothing about. I know this reality all too well, for I've lived it. I'm not asking for praise or even a “thanks”, fulfilling this duty is it's own reward. I just want people acknowledge the truth. I don't think it's too much to ask.

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