Jan 24, 2016

14 Pet Peeves of Cops To Know About in 2016

Everyone has behaviors, people, phrases or actions that irritate the living crap out of them. Cops, of course, are no different. We experience particular behaviors so regularly that they easily develop into full blown pet peeves that we disdain with the passion of 1,000 suns.  The list could be longer, but here are 14 of the things that you should be aware will most likely make a cop want to call down meteors from the sky:

Dec 4, 2015

Eighteen Things Not To Say To A Cop

Recently, on our Facebook page and on my Instagram, we asked people to come up with things "not to say to a cop". It resulted in some pretty funny scenarios and comments if you wanna take the time to read them all (I know we did).  I took a few of those and complied a quick list of eighteen things not to say to a cop and responses I may or may not have used when they are said to me out on patrol:
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