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So the Washington Post published a couple of articles in the last week, one entitled “The Cops Who Keep Killing” (as opposed to the more realistic but slightly less inflammatory title of “The Cops Who Have Been in Multiple Justified Shootings”). The other article was given the headline “A year of reckoning: Police fatally shoot nearly 1,000”. The gist of the first article is that the Post found 55 officers across the entire United States of America that were involved in shootings in 2015 that had (gasp!) been involved in prior deadly force incidents in their careers. They go on to cite the media's favorite anti-cop policing “expert”, one Dr. Geoffrey Alpert of the University of South Carolina, whose sterling academic credentials provide him a soapbox for weighing-in against cops in news stories about police pursuits and use of force.

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On Sunday December 20th, 2015, TV Host and personality Steve Harvey had a bad night. By now, everyone knows that during the crowning moment, quite literally, of the Miss Universe Pageant, Mr. Harvey announced the wrong winner, causing what became quite the awkward moment.

Despite doing what he little he could to recover, the initial shock began to echo around social media and it gained steam...quickly. From memes to comments of scorn and outrage, the world quickly turned on Steve Harvey, who ultimately did something each of us do regularly: made a mistake.

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