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News of an officer involved shooting cut through the rest of the morning talk-radio chatter on the drive to work.  Most of the other officers at the department had also heard the news, but the disposition was unknown.  We all hoped for the best of course, but sharing a common in-car messaging system, several unanswered messages began to increase concern. Eventually, a voice on the other end of the phone from the Taylor Police Department (Taylor, MI) confirmed that in an early morning situation, an Officer had been killed in the line of duty. The next few hours, although I remember much

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I have never been the child of a cop so I don’t want talk to you as if I know what that’s like. While I obviously know how living the life of a law enforcement officer has changed me, I can see that it has changed you too. I’ve seen it in your eyes many times as we kiss and hug goodbye before I go to work. I’ve heard it in your voice on the phone when we’ve talked after I haven’t been able to see you in a day, or two or three.  I’ve been able to see it

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You may be my friend in real life.  You might just be someone who knew me when I was a child.  Maybe we grew up together and we follow each others life through social media. You see pictures of my child and I get to watch as you navigate your way through life.  You see my status messages that talk about how my family and I just took our 3 year old to the park or that my husband was just promoted at work.  Maybe you witness a birth announcement or the death of a family member as you look

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