Behind HTB

Humanizing the Badge is a growing team of creatives and professionals dedicating their talents to providing support to law enforcement officers, their families and the communities they serve.  We believe that to truly “humanize” the badge doesn’t require us to just be a louder voice than those who would rather divide than unite, but to be a voice of truth that speaks for itself in action.

Humanizing the Badge, for us, is both an invitation and a mandate. It is an invitation for the culture at large to recognize and remember that law enforcement officers are people too. They share the same hopes and concerns as their neighbors: they are human.

It is a mandate to every officer brave enough to wear the badge to also be brave enough to treat every encounter with someone in their community as if it matters, because it does: they are also human. 

Currently, HTB is taking action by:

  • Creating engaging content that helps bridge the gap between law enforcement and their communities. (primarily through our blog and our Facebook community)
  • Providing free, confidential online support to first responders and their families as they struggle through the unique pressures of the job. You can always reach out (on our contact page), you are not alone.
  • Established the HTB Fund, a non-profit that not only assists us with the support of officers but will be engaging in community building projects around the nation.

While we do have an online store, that's more to "pay the bills" as our founders do not collect a salary from the non-profit.

More questions? Feel free to email us through our contact page!

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