The "LT" Shirt
The "LT" Shirt
The "LT" Shirt
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The "LT" Shirt

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This high quality, 60/40 blend shirt is made by our apparel partners at ReLEntless Defender Apparel.  Featured on the backside of the shirt is an excerpt from a letter written by LT to a young, aspiring police officer, and includes the words:

“And finally, when this job (and humanity) has you questioning why you were even doing this, think back to why you started doing it.  The reason is the same.  You cannot save the world.  But what you can do is help one person at a time.  That is all you must do.  Do that, and yours is a life lived well.”

Proceeds from the sales of this shirt help to fund out ongoing grant program.  We appreciate your support in helping us to honor his memory and to continue telling his story.


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